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The Wheat Doll, my first published picture book, can be purchased through Please email me with any questions you have. I also have an author page you can visit at

Brief Biography

When I was nine, I grabbed a stack of type paper (that's what it was called back then), stapled it three times down the edge, and told my brother, "I'm going to write a book." This first attempt was called, "The Hidden Doll Mystery" and featured a pretty dumb thief who left clues behind as to where he'd stashed the goods. I've been writing one thing or another ever since.

Writing isn't the only thing I love. I enjoy doing things with my hands like knitting and sewing. I wish there were enough time in life that I could learn all the old crafts like glass blowing, weaving and spinning. I have a bachelor's degree in French. And if I were ever transported back to the Middle Ages, I would want to work on the stained glass for the rosace window in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

My biggest joys in life, though, are my family and my faith. I have a husband, three children and a cat named Indy, who's a mighty hunter of voles.